Arts Award

We can offer the Arts Award qualification through a Drama Kids style of tuition and a specially formatted curriculum, ensuring the highest standard of delivery. We can also facilitate the award through schools, community groups and as an additional offering to Drama Kids students, particularly in the form of holiday programmes.

The Arts Award qualification covers a range of nationally recognised qualifications, offered in conjunction with Trinity College, London and Arts Council England, supporting people aged 5 – 25 to explore the world of art and leaders in the industry.

What is the Aim of the Arts Award qualification? 

To encourage young people to: 

  • Discover the enjoyment of creating and participating in any art form 
  • Develop their creativity and leadership skills
  • Learn new skills and share them with others
  • Get to work with or experience working with creative arts professionals
  • Gain experience and knowledge to progress into further education and development

It aims to inspire young people to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through completing activities in an art form and is offered at five different levels,  DISCOVER (an introductory award),  EXPLORE, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD.

Drama Kids provides a high level of inhouse support through the provision of curriculum materials, supporting notes, training, trained assessors, and internal issuing of certificates (to Discover level) for Principals.


Ask your Principal how your child can get involved.

Trinity Examinations

Trinity College London is the most recognised award for drama world-wide. Trinity Drama Awards are officially recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). We believe strongly that our classes improve confidence and creativity. We also know how hard our students work and this is a great way to reward them for their involvement in our classes. In addition to personal achievement, the awards can be used as a qualification when applying to college/ university. 

Drama Kids has a longstanding association with Trinity College, London and we have formed a special working relationship to ensure our students are recognised for their commitment and given the highest standard of training.

Real world skills for life on and beyond the stage

Our lesson plans, ethos and class structure will not change in any way as Trinity College, London recognises that our work perfectly matches their examination requirements. We are able to offer our students Young Performers Certificates, group graded qualification and solo exams and tuition.


Ask your Principal how your child can get involved.