Our Adult drama programme aims to give adults 18+ on-going confidence, self-esteem, and skills in verbal communication through drama techniques.

Each lesson aims to extend, develop and inspire adults to be creative and develop their own personal skills with no pressure to perform or compare competitively.

Our Adult drama classes teach;

  • Presentation techniques
  • Public speaking
  • Self-esteem issues and,
  • Communication skills

We can provide life changing qualities in adults correcting vocal skills, shyness, posture, presentation and communication skills.

This is not a programme for amateur dramatics and as such, there will be no production in term three. Instead, the Principal and class will decide if they showcase their work or not at the end of each term, allowing for a no pressure class structure, we want to help develop YOU.

Why not give DK: Adults a try?

Learn the techniques that will help you advance in your daily life and to have the courage and confidence to be a more communicative version of you. 

Please note: Not all of our academies offer Adult drama classes. Contact us to find out more.

Benefits of our Programme

Our specially designed curriculum-based lessons stand out as the foundation of our classes. Our lively and engaging classes cater to all age groups, instilling in children the beauty of the spoken word. These sessions empower young people to not only have something to say, but the confidence and creativity to make it captivating.

Our focus in class is to ensure the students are having so much fun they don’t even realise the amazing skills they are learning by practicing clear speech and standing up in front of others. We work on a four-year cycle so students can start at the age of 4 and never repeat a lesson, making every term engaging and different.

Skills for Life

Undoubtedly, the soft skills instilled in our students during these drama classes become invaluable throughout their entire lives. Whether impressing a judges’ panel, a school board, or job interviewers, the confident, articulate, and engaging candidate stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

Join the ranks of confident, well-spoken, and interesting individuals who make a lasting impact. Elevate your child’s skills, watch them forge meaningful connections, and embark on a transformative journey, with our enriching drama classes.

Adult drama classes for ages 18+