Our Early Years drama programme aims to give children aged 3-4 years on-going confidence, self-esteem, and skill in verbal communication.

Our Early Years drama classes include;

  • Storytelling
  • Dramatic play
  • Speech training including phonics
  • Creative movement
  • Songs and,
  • Language development activities

We also work on developing important life skills for this age group, such as;

  • Taking turns
  • Sharing
  • Listening
  • Following instructions
  • Sequencing and memory skills
  • Vocalising thoughts and emotions

This is all done in a fun, stimulating way to ensure all children are getting the most out of their lesson.

We include different themes throughout the term, which the children can easily relate to. Each theme runs for three weeks, and includes new material, as well as some revision each week. This allows the children and their teacher to explore many elements of drama, as well as revise and practise skills taught.  From time to time, we ask children to bring along simple props relating to our theme.

Children are encouraged to take part in as much of the lesson as they’d like to. It is not unusual for a child of this age to spend several weeks observing some or all of the lesson as the concept of make-believe play can take a while to get used to. Their confidence to join in will grow over time. Parents are encouraged to stay and be involved as much as each individual child requires. However, if your child works better without your participation, you are welcome to leave them with us for the session and collect them at the end.

Our specially written curriculum and specialist teacher training ensures our students have a balanced, fun-filled lesson every week. Although the structure remains the same each week, each lesson is different and, with the different age groups offered, a child can join the Academy at 3 years of age and stay until they are 18 without ever repeating a lesson.


Please note: Not all of our academies offer Early Years drama classes. Contact us to find out more.

Age groups cover:

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Benefits of our Programme

Our specially designed curriculum-based lessons stand out as the foundation of our classes. Our lively and engaging classes cater to all age groups, instilling in children the beauty of the spoken word. These sessions empower young people to not only have something to say, but the confidence and creativity to make it captivating.

Our focus in class is to ensure the students are having so much fun they don’t even realise the amazing skills they are learning by practicing clear speech and standing up in front of others. We work on a four-year cycle so students can start at the age of 4 and never repeat a lesson, making every term engaging and different.

Skills for Life

Undoubtedly, the soft skills instilled in our students during these drama classes become invaluable throughout their entire lives. Whether impressing a judges’ panel, a school board, or job interviewers, the confident, articulate, and engaging candidate stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

Join the ranks of confident, well-spoken, and interesting individuals who make a lasting impact. Elevate your child’s skills, watch them forge meaningful connections, and embark on a transformative journey, with our enriching drama classes.

“I would highly recommend this drama class for your child”

My daughter attends Drama Kids in St. Helens. Since joining, her confidence has grown and she looks forward to her lesson each week. Her lovely teacher, Andrea, has nothing but praise for her and is leading her into becoming a talented drama student. I would highly recommend this class.

Parent - St. Helens

Luca had a wonderful time! He has always had an amazing imagination and it has always amazed me the lengths he goes to. I am so glad he enjoyed yesterday, he really cannot wait to return next week. He is already thinking about costumes he has that he can wear! I'm so glad there were drama classes near us. Thank you.

Parent - Tayforth

Thank you for being instrumental in improving Tamsyn's confidence and for the great opportunities she has had in the shows. She has REALLY enjoyed herself. She is looking forward to the opportunities Redland High will give her for drama and I know she will enjoy herself all the more because of the grounding you have given her.

Parent - Bristol

My children attend Drama Kids Derbyshire and I am overwhelmed by everything the academy has given my children; confidence, fun, memories, excitement and belief in themselves. I'm so glad there was a drama class near me. Thank you so much!

Parent - Derbyshire

Thank you Drama Kids: Our son has been going to the academy for a number of years and what a difference it has made to his speech and confidence. Our boy is 11 and has oral dyspraxia, which affects his ability to speak clearly and his short term memory. He loves his drama and is very outgoing. He wants to get involved in the drama lessons and annual plays that his primary school put on, but has been held back because of his dyspraxia and has never had a speaking part. Drama Kids has been awesome, the staff are so helpful and understanding of our son's difficulty and he has always had a proper speaking part, even during the early years. Thank you Drama Kids for helping our son thrive and grow into a confident young man.

Parent - South Wales

In school assemblies and plays, my son, Stefan was usually relegated to the background. He was bright but lacked the confidence to speak up and be heard. Since being at the academy, Stefan has bloomed and consequently had major parts in each successive school assembly. Thank you so much for instilling in my son the confidence to let his voice be heard and his presence be felt. Such confidence will be invaluable as he grows up and will help to prepare him for every aspect of life.

Parent - North London

I am very grateful to be working with such positive people. The family of Drama Kids is spread so far and wide. How wonderful knowing we are all linked together by our passion to help children develop and believe in themselves through are stunning curriculum.

Alison Mazanec - Executive Principal, Bristol

Thank you for everything. In 10 years you have changed me from a shy young boy to a confident young man.

Student - Tayforth

Through the programme thousands and thousands of young people find their voice, generate self-belief, become generous participants in life and experience much fun and fulfilment along the way!

Helen O' Grady - Founder

She absolutely lives for drama. She is having a tough time at school and not attending much at the moment due to severe anxiety, but your sessions bring out the happiest version of her.

Parent - Youth Theatre