Helen O’Grady Drama Academy is changing to Drama Kids

Your local drama class is having a whole new rebrand! Drama Kids, formerly known as Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, is the latest word in drama classes for children.

The fact that Drama Kids offers a specially written curriculum and provides specialised training for teachers highlights the commitment to delivering high-quality and engaging lessons. The opportunity for children to progress through different age groups, from five to 18 years old, without repeating a lesson, ensures a diverse and enriching experience for each student.

In a world where technology often dominates communication, the emphasis on the beauty of the spoken word is particularly valuable. Teaching kids how to articulate their thoughts, express themselves effectively, and boost their creativity will undoubtedly contribute to their personal and academic growth.

“My son had a wonderful time! He has always had an amazing imagination and it has always amazed me the lengths he goes to. I am so glad he enjoyed his class, he really cannot wait to return next week. He is already thinking about costumes he has that he can wear! Thank you.”

Our drama classes cover voice, oracy and diction, improvisation, script work, drama games, expressive physicality, and much more. No two weeks are the same. Fun & affordable classes where everyone is welcome. Find drama groups near me. Or even drama groups near you. There is not a drama club audition as all are welcome. We even have drama classes for toddlers.

Join us at Drama Kids, where the stage is set for your child to shine. Watch as they discover the joy of self-expression, build lasting friendships, and cultivate skills that will last a lifetime—all within the welcoming embrace of our local community. Enroll your child today and let their dramatic journey begin!

By Eleanor Wemyss