Helen O’Grady Drama Academy is changing to Drama Kids

Your local drama class is having a whole new rebrand! Drama Kids, formerly known as Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, is the latest word in drama classes for children. Our specially written curriculum and specialist teacher training ensures our Drama Kids students have a balanced, fun-filled lesson every week. With different age groups offered, such as Youth Theatre, a child can join the Academy at five years of age and stay until they are 18 – without ever repeating a lesson.

In an age when we rely so much on technology and communicate mostly through online media, the need for basic communication skills has never been greater, especially in the younger generation.

Drama Kids offers fun-packed lessons, for all age groups, that instill the beauty of the spoken word. We enable people to have something to say, the confidence to say it, and the creativity to make it interesting.

“My son had a wonderful time! He has always had an amazing imagination and it has always amazed me the lengths he goes to. I am so glad he enjoyed his class, he really cannot wait to return next week. He is already thinking about costumes he has that he can wear! Thank you.”