Innovation Award – Gareth Corke and Jon Daly Drama Kids Sussex

We are thrilled to announce that the Innovation Award 2023 is presented to Gareth Corke and Jon Daly from Sussex. Their exceptional efforts in creatively and originally promoting their business have significantly contributed to its growth, local community support, and brand awareness. This recognition celebrates their innovative approach and dedication to excellence within the Drama Kids network.

Innovation Award Winners: Gareth Corke and Jon Daly

Gareth and Jon have demonstrated remarkable dedication not only to expanding their own franchise but also to inspiring and supporting their fellow franchisees. By actively sharing their business knowledge and innovative strategies, they have fostered a spirit of collaboration and cohesion within our network. Their willingness to mentor and assist others highlights their commitment to the success of the entire Drama Kids community.
Their sound business planning and ambitious vision for growth have driven them to deliver the highest standards of drama tuition in Sussex. Through creative promotional activities, they have not only attracted new students but also strengthened their presence within the community. Their campaigns have ranged from engaging social media initiatives to community outreach programs, all designed to increase visibility and build a strong local brand.
One of the key elements of their success has been their ability to think outside the box. Gareth and Jon have implemented unique marketing strategies that have set them apart from competitors. Whether it’s through interactive workshops, special events, or partnerships with local organisations, they have consistently found innovative ways to engage with their audience and foster a love for drama education.
Their commitment to continuous improvement and support for the broader franchise network exemplifies the qualities celebrated by the Innovation Award. Gareth and Jon have laid a robust foundation for future development and success for their branch. Their proactive approach and creative mindset have not only benefitted their own franchise but have also served as an inspiration and model for others within the network.
We congratulate Gareth Corke and Jon Daly on this well-deserved Innovation Award recognition. We look forward to witnessing their continued impact and growth within the Drama Kids community. Their journey stands as a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and dedication in achieving excellence.