Inspiration Award – Beth Daniel Drama Kids North Leicestershire

Awarded for short or long-term achievement, for going that extra mile to offer support and encouragement to fellow Franchisees and / or the sharing of ideas, materials, and initiatives for the benefit of others.

The Inspiration award was introduced to reflect the contribution you all make and the impact you have upon others within the network.

As a network who pride themselves on developing and empowering people, we recognise that a positive support network of fellow franchisees is an essential asset to the running of your Academies. This award was introduced to give you a voice and nominate the people who support you, alongside Head Office, in the running of your business.

The person receiving the award received the most nominations, making our job easy!

Beth’s constant positive energy, creativity, love and passion for what she does radiates from her. Beth is approachable, supportive and so very knowledgeable and truly a blessing to the curriculum team and all of us as Franchisees. Beth feels everyone’s achievements whether big or small and takes pride in making everyone and anyone feel special and part of the team.

There is no doubt that the person receiving the Inspiration award is an individual who creates infectious positivity within our network, motivating and empowering their fellow franchisees. A shining example of generosity of spirit, this person is a testament to our network and adored by all who know them.

Franchisee Spotlight – Beth Daniel, North Leicester

What are the most positive aspects of running your business?

I think it’d be the huge privilege we have in being a positive role model to the children we teach. That for me is the biggest drive!

What has been your biggest learning curve/challenge in running your business over the last year?

The biggest challenge has been maintaining good work/life balance and also learning to not be so hard on myself. I overthink everything and I’ve tried really hard to be kinder to myself.

What is the greatest opportunity you’ve taken for your business this year?

Offering paid workshops and running them in schools. I’ve always offered free workshops to build numbers but it’s been really refreshing to deliver themed workshops where schools are willing to pay for.